The Amazing Little Gripper

The Amazing Little Gripper
Item# NJ-TGQ003

Product Description

Allows complete control of your small rulers and templates, and reduces the risk of cut fingers

The Little Gripper is especially for those handy little acrylic templates and small rulers. A single suction cup will fit on almost any template shape that is at least 2-1/4" wide. A simple locking lever secures The Little Gripper in place, just flip it up to apply suction. Flip it down again to release the suction, so you can move The Little Gripper to the next template you need for your project. The Little Gripper is the perfect companion for The Gypsy Gripper, and an essential addition to your quilting basket. You will be amazed how much easier your intricate cutting work becomes.

Operating Hints: If your Gripper doesnŐt seem to stick well enough, try cleaning both the ruler surfaces and the suction cups with a soft moist cloth. If the Gripper doesnŐt seem to release easily from the ruler after you unlock the levers, just pry up gently on the edges of the suction cups with your fingers and the tool will pop loose easily.

(templates shown in the picture are not included)

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