Sullivans Super-Size Cutting Mat with Grid

Sullivans Super-Size Cutting Mat with Grid
Item# NJ-38233

Product Description

Sullivans Super-Size Cutting Mat with Grid
Measures 59" x 36"

Turn your home hobby table into the largest cutting surface in your house!

Excellent for cutting large pattern pieces like pants or dresses with a rotary cutter. Using a rotary cutter is the most accurate method to cut some fabrics, especially slippery ones! Rotary cutters also make quick work of cutting multiple layers of fabric at one time.

We ship this large cutting mat rolled. Once you receive it, lay it flat on a table or floor at room temperature and it flatten within a couple of hours.

  • High quality low density polyethylene can withstand any type of cut
  • Simple grid layout keeps cutting lines clean
  • Numbers placed on the outside won't get in your way
  • Yardage numbers on top and bottom allow for easy cutting
  • Fits perfectly on top of a 59" x 36" table top or larger.

*NOTE: Very large mats may require extra shipping and handling charges.

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