Rechargeable Battery Portable Lamp Ott-Lite 13 Watt

Rechargeable Battery Portable Lamp Ott-Lite 13 Watt
Item# NJ-OTL10816

Product Description

We have all been waiting for this fabulous lamp and finally it arrives! Now you can have all the benefits of Ott-Lite anywhere you go! Perfect for holidays, workshops or camping. Auto ON/OFF with OPEN/CLOSE. Provides up to 3 hours of use with each charge. It can be used while charging, simply by setting the switch to AC. When not plugged in there is no degradation of light output until the battery is finally discharged. AC adaptor included. Battery life is approximately 800 charges. Replacement batteries are available at a replacement cost of approximately $20 to $40 at your local electronics store. Includes an Ott-Lite True Colour 13 Watt Bulb (Equivalent to a standard 60W bulb). Buy the Replacement bulbs here..

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