Omnigrid Invisible Grip Sheet

Omnigrid Invisible Grip Sheet
Item# NJ-OG2101

Product Description

12.5" x 1 Yard

Prevents rulers from slipping when rotary cutting. a clear, non-slip material that is applied to runners, cutting mats and templates.

This stuff is great,multi-purpose, and re-useable. Cut it to fit your rulers (any brand) to prevent them from slipping when cutting with a rotary cutter. We even use 1/2" strips on the corners of glass to prevent it from sliding off table tops when the cats take a flying leap on or off the top! Securly grips without any adhesive. Remove from ruler and re-use on a different one. Sticks the same way window stickers stick to glass - adhesive free so no messy clean up. Will not damage surfaces.

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