Mettler Top Stitch Polyester Thread Color #712

Mettler Top Stitch Polyester Thread Color #712
Item# NJ-T1146-712

Product Description

Mettler Top Stitch Thread is ideal for various fabrics; whether silk, linen, cotton or blended, Mettler Top Stitch Thread provides outstanding performance on them all. It is heat-resistant and machine and dry cleanable. There are no worries about changing tension on your machine. Choosing Mettler Top Stitch Thread gives you stronger and more durable seams, button holes, and top stitching. The smooth coating gives Mettler Top Stitch Thread supreme resistance to abrasion, whether sewn by hand or machine.

Sold in boxes of 5 x 50M spools. Each box can contain only one color of thread. Sorry, mixing colors within a box is not possible.

Tip: Be sure to use a needle with a large enough eye to allow thread to pass through it easily, even when sewing at higher speeds. If the eye of your needle is too small, it can damage the thread as it passes through, lessoning the strength and reducing the surface sheen.

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