Gypsy Sit Upon Comfort Cushion

Gypsy Sit Upon Comfort Cushion
Item# NJ-TGQ006

Product Description

Gypsy Sit Upon Comfort Cushion, Stay Seated All Day Without Dismay!

Sit comfortably for hours while quilting, sewing, reading, driving, and more. A softly inflated flexible disc prevents fatigue, reduce pressure on the tailbone. Also helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens core muscles and improves posture.

Nubby texture allows coling air flow, and promotes improved blood circulation. Durable purple rubberized material remains soft and pliable. Because it is filled with air, it will stay soft and comfortable, and "one size fits all"!

Can be used on hard or soft chairs, recliners, car seats - anywhere you sit for long periods of time! The Sit Upon should be placed in the chair with its smooth side facing down.

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