Dritz Fray Check with Fabric Guide Applicator

Dritz Fray Check with Fabric Guide Applicator
Item# NJ-DZ399

Product Description

22.5ml bottle. Prevents fabric from fraying & secures thread ends. Washable & dry cleanable. Screw-on applicator holds fabric against bottle tip.

  1. Place a piece of cardboard between area being treated and other fabric layers.
  2. Unscrew blue cap and puncture tip of bottle with straight pin.
  3. Twist the applicator tightly onto the bottle until vertical lines on applicator line up with sides of bottle.
  4. Hold fabric so edge passes between guides on applicator. The curved guide should be on top. Squeeze bottle gently as you move it along edge of fabric. Guides allow you to quickly and easily apply Fray Check to fabric edge.
  5. When project is complete, remove the applicator and rinse well to remove Fray Check™. Replace original cap on bottle. Keep cap tightly closed when not in use.

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