Dritz Bra Measuring Tape

Dritz Bra Measuring Tape
Item# NJ-DZ56697

Product Description

How To Measure Your Bra Size:
  1. BUST SIZE: Measure around the fullest part of the bust - keep the tape parallel to the floor. DO NOT pull tape tightly-leave a fingerŐs width under the tape. Round fractions to the nearest whole number Ex: 38-1/4 inch = 38 inch.
  2. BAND SIZE: Measure around your body just under the bust-keep the tape parallel to the floor. Expel all air from your lungs to keep measurement as small as possible. Round fractions to the nearest whole number. If the measurement is an even number-add 4 inches. For an odd number-add 5 inches EX: 32 inch+4 inch = 36 inch or 33 inch+5inch = 38 inch.
  3. CUP SIZE: BUST SIZE minus BAND SIZE equals CUP SIZE. EX: 38 inches minus 36 inches = 2 inch. Refer to chart to determine cup size. EX: 2 inch = B cup. Calculated bra size = 36B. Example: Step 1: 38 inch bust size. Step 2: 32 inch + 4 inch = 36 inch band size. Step 3: 38 inch minus 36 inches = 2 inch or cup B. Your bra size is 36B *Use a permanent marker to record your measurements.

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