Diana A Dressform

Item# HAK-20021

Product Description

Diana Dressforms produce a professional look every time. Simple and accurate size adjustments, Adjustable back-waist length, dress form swivels and locks into place, unique hem gauge with basting attachment, 1 piece stand for easy assembly and better stability, adjustable height.

  • Multiple sizing dials
  • Made from a strong, light plastic material, covered in nylon foam-backed fabric
  • Full shoulders for a better hang to sleeves
  • Pin grip hem marker with basting attachment

Size Measurements

Size A (small) Approximate Size 4-10

Bust 33" - 39" (84 - 100cm) Waist 25" - 32" (64 - 82cm) Hips 34" - 41" (86 - 104cm)

** Note: Dressforms are large and bulky and may require higher shipping charges and longer shipping times.

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