Clip-on Magnifier on Mini-clip, 7" arm

Clip-on Magnifier on Mini-clip, 7" arm
Item# NJ-U91105-06-07

Product Description

Mini Clip-on Magnifier, 7" arm, Main lens: 3.5", 2.25 X magnification; Inset lens: 0.75", 4.0 X magnification:

NJ-U91105 - Orange

NJ-U91106 - Lime Green

NJ-U91107 - Lavender

Daylight has just launched a limited edition of the mini lens on clip in 3 colours (Florida Orange, French Lavender and Lime Green. Slim and powerful, this flexile is ideal for clipping onto small frames or work surfaces; giving you the detailed precision you need, exactly where you need it.

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