Body Rite: the Posture Pleaser

Body Rite: the Posture Pleaser
Item# NJ-62002

Product Description

Promotes Good Posture. User Proven Pain Relief. Prevents Muscle Strain in the Neck, Shoulders and Arms

I purchased two Posture Pleasers - one for me as I stand at my easel to paint and one for my husband to wear while using his computer. We are both glad we have these as they alleviate back pain and allow us to pursue our hobbies with greater enjoyment. (H. G. McKee - Apollo Beach, Florida)

Very pleased with the product. It corrected my posture immediately. (E. Amend - Florida)

This shoulder support is wonderful! I highly recommend it to anyone who has shoulder and/or upper back pain. I have tried 6 other types of supports; they worked while I wore them - sometimes - but did not actually IMPROVE anything in my posture, muscles or joints. This support has truly strengthened the muscles I need to keep my shoulder in place, and, very importantly, it has taken away the pain almost completely. I sometimes had to use prescription pain pills; no more. I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and this shoulder support is the only thing that has truly helped, and made my own body function better. Body-Rite Posture Pleaser Support (Debra S. Banzhaf "clinical social worker" - Wichita, KS USA)

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