Bo-Nash Iron Shoe

Bo-Nash Iron Shoe
Item# NJ-20300

Product Description

Let Ironslide Iron Shoe make your life easier. The Ironslide Iron Shoe fits easily over the base of your iron.

  • Made of PTFE. A space-age material that is non-stick.
  • Nothing Sticks; starch, adhesives and fusibles wipe off easily.
  • Nothing burns or scorches iron from cotton to silk or denim to lace without waiting for iron to cool. Iron over sequins, puff paint, glitter, motifs, etc. without damage.
  • No shine. Eliminate the need for a press cloth.
  • Use it next to your sewing machine and press seams, darts, pleats, and creases. Gives your sewing that professional look. No need for a press cloth.

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