Bamboo Point Turner & Presser

Bamboo Point Turner & Presser
Item# NJ-DZ3150

Product Description

Multi-purpose tool, ideal for applique & pressing seams, use round end to temporarily “mark” fabric with a crease, use pointed end to guide fabric when machine stitching.

This is another of our best-loved tools! Turn collars, cuffs, and other tight corners with NO poking holes in them. This Bamboo Turner is a deceivingly simple tool but it works like a charm. We keep one by each sewing and pressing station for easy access. We even press tiny corners on top of it or leave it inside and press the corner with the bamboo turner in the middle. It is such a handy little tool for so many uses! We use it as a seam jumper too (for leveling the machine foot while sewing over thick seams). The wood is sanded beautifully smooth so there is never a chance of it catching on delicate fabric.

They are cheap and durable. Buy a couple!

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