6" x 12" Guidelines Ruler

6" x 12" Guidelines Ruler

Item# NJ-GL612
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It is made of super tough Polycarbonate that is 25 times stronger than acrylic, and the manufacturer backs it up with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Standard Features of the Guidelines Ruler:

#1) Fabric Guide: With conventional rulers all the lines look the same and you have to consistently line up to the inside, outside or right down the middle of the line every time. Little variations can add up to big problems in an entire quilt. With Guideline's Fabric Guide, you only have to find the measurement line you need once, and you'll always get consistent results.

#2) Non-Slip Strips: Made of crystal clear vinyl, Guidelines Non-Slip Strips easily slide over the fabric, so you can make little adjustments with ease. But when you are ready to make the cut, you get more grip with less effort because it all gets concentrated into the narrow strips right on the edges of the ruler.

#3) 3D Grid: Every line clearly stands out against any color fabric. No confusing colors, just clean black lines on light fabric that become highlighted on darker fabrics.

#4) Angle Line Markers: Angle Line Markers when used in combination with Fabric Guides, make it easy to create equilateral triangles and 30, 45 and 60 degree diamonds.

Watch instructional YouTube video here.
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