4" x 4" Snowball ruler

4" x 4" Snowball ruler

Product Description

This ruler is designed to work with blocks on a 4" X 4" grid and also referred to as the 2" X 2" grid. The most familiar block in this category is the Four Patch Block. Use this ruler to produce perfect Snowball Blocks in five different sizes. This ruler also works well with the following grids: 2" X 2", 4" X 4", 8" X 8", 16" X 16", and 32" X 32". This ruler can also be used to Snowball corners of rectangles. Explore the unlimited possibilities of this ruler. NO MORE frustrating little squares to sew or position in place. Perfect for the beginner or the experienced quilter.

For more detailed information on how to use each ruler watch these instructional videos on YouTube.


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