3M Medium Picture/Quilt Hanging Strips, 6 sets

3M Medium Picture/Quilt Hanging Strips, 6 sets
Item# NJ-3M17204C

Product Description

3M Command Mounting Stips - Hang your quilts without damaging your wall Holds on strongly. Comes off cleanly - no surface damage. No damage to walls. No staining walls. This miracle 3M strips allow you to hold your quilt hangers (e.g. JT653, DZ3207) and wall hanging conveniently. If you change your mind later, you can follow the 3M instructions to remove them with no marks or resideules on your walls.

NJ-3M17204C - 3M Medium Picture Hanging/Quilt Hanging Strips, 6 sets (12 count)

Holds up to 12 lbs - each can hold up to 3 lbs. Great to hang pictures, frames & Wall Size Quilts. Damage-free hanging, holds strongly, removes cleanly, 6 sets of medium strips.

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